Secondary School Transfer

Dear Parents

I know this is a worrying time and that the decision you make about schools is a very important one. We organise a parents’ meeting in September to discuss secondary transfer and share the information schools send us. The BREAKING NEWS post on the homepage will also give you updates leading up to 31st October when applications must be completed. Please check the post for any information we receive from individual schools.

Here is the Local Authority Brochure with all the information about each school in Southwark for this year:

Starting secondary school in Southwark 2023_24

Here is the information from this year’s parents’ meeting:


If there is anything you do not understand please email me and let me know.

A good place to check for open days is often the Southwark News as well as the Southwark website.

You will see I will give you the opportunity to meet (actually in person!!) if you wish to. 

Good Luck!