A very important part of the day – Lunch!  riverside-253

Lunchtime is a very busy time at school. Most pupils have a school lunch which is prepared in our kitchen.

At Riverside every child in every year group has the opportunity to have a free school lunch. This has been a Southwark initiative for some years now.

Alternatively you can bring your own lunch – but there are rules! We are a Healthy School and so all our lunches follow the healthy eating guidelines.

School Meals

If you have a school meal you will have a wide choice to choose from. There are meat, fish and vegetarian choices or you may choose a sandwich. There is a salad bar every day, which is very popular.

Our desserts are worth waiting for – there is a choice of fresh fruit, yoghurt or cheese and biscuits every day or you may prefer the dessert of the day which ranges from fruit salad to sponge and custard.

If there is something you would like to try, just ask the cook and she will help you – it’s nice to try new things. But whatever you choose, don’t forget to eat your vegetables……

To see the latest lunch menu, just visit that page option from the drop down menu.

Packed Lunch

If you prefer to have a packed lunch that’s fine too as long as you follow the rules. You are allowed to bring:

  • a sandwich or maybe something your parent has cooked (e.g. pasta/rice dish)
  • one drink which must be water or milk
  • fresh fruit and vegetables

For a dessert you can choose to bring ONE of the following:riverside-247

  • a yogurt (but not one with chocolate or sweet sprinkles!)
  • a sugar-free dessert
  • one small packet of crisps.

BUT you are not allowed to bring:

  • sweets or chocolate
  • fizzy drinks or milk shakes
  • jelly or sugary desserts
  • more than one dessert.

Happy Eating!