Learning Support

Everyone at some time needs support:

  • it may be you have a problem with a particular school subject
  • you might find something difficult and don’t know how to cope
  • it may be you have a personal problem that is worrying you
  • maybe you have quarrelled with your best friend
  • you may not enjoy break times
  • it may be you are not sure what to do at lunchtimes
  • you may be new to Riverside

Whatever is a concern for you, especially if it is stopping you from learning all the things you need to know, we have someone in school that can help you.

Learning support is available to all Riverside pupils in a number of ways.

It could be you need to talk to someone. For example,

  • your class teacher
  • another teacher who you know well
  • a Playground Friend
  • a Headteacher
  • a Teaching Assistant
  • a Midday Meals Supervisor

It could be you need to:

  • work with a partner or in a group
  • be supported by another member of staff
  • work on things that challenge you
  • have times of the day that have a special focus

This is why your teachers plan very carefully and give you what you need.  We all want you to do the best you possibly can and so we are here to help you and provide the learning support you need.