Our School

Hello! Welcome to Riverside! Our names are Sophie Alder and Jill Lewis and we are the Headteachers of Riverside Primary School.

As our name tells you we are very close to the River Thames and all its wonders and resources.

Riverside is quite a large school and is always very busy. We have over 300 pupils here who all achieve very high standards – we are consistently one of the top 5% of schools nationally and we are very proud of all our pupils.

Every child can have a free school meal and there is a range of choice – all healthy of course and cooked in our own school kitchen. We were part of the Local Authority initiative quite a few years ago so this is not new to us. Enjoy. 

We are always in and out of classrooms and taking a peek at what everyone is learning. It is very rare for someone to look in our office for us… you never know where we might be!

Children at Riverside have the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular activities – we have lots of different after school clubs, such as muti sports club which is very hard work.

We work (and play) very hard and have very high expectations of all our pupils – we help them achieve their very best and take pride in all they do.

We also have many visiting specialists who come to school to teach us music, dance and drama alongside our amazing Music and Drama expert. We work closely with the Young Voices project and the annual Shakespeare Festival – many of our pupils have performed there and you can hear our choirs sing in some very strange places – and some very famous, such as the Old Vic!!

Riverside pupils all have their own laptop to work on at home and at school – so no excuse for you not use our Mathletics program!

People who visit our school say the children are well behaved and polite which we always like to hear. Come and see for yourself…

It is very important that everyone comes to school every day and on time – that’s the best way to learn and you don’t miss out on all the exciting things we do.

So all you need to do now is collect your uniform from the School Office and join us…what are you waiting for?

We like making new friends and hope you will be one of them very soon.