Pupil Premium

The school’s pupil premium funding for this academic year is £168,870 (May 2023)

How we plan to spend this allocation: 

We aim to use the pupil premium allocation each year to provide:

  • intervention teachers to enable all pupils to make good or better progress throughout the year
  • in-school extended services, such as Place2Be and Speech and Language support so that pupils are able to learn confidently and effectively
  • extra-curricular activities to extend learning beyond the classroom, such as school trips, including school journey, after school and lunchtime clubs and curriculum workshops
  • a laptop for every child
  • school uniform to strengthen pupils’ school identity and pride and promote our pupils’ role as ambassadors for the school
  • resources to enhance the quality of the curriculum and support learning in innovative ways.

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How we review the impact of this funding:

Each year we look at

  • pupil attainment
  • pupil progress
  • effectiveness of services and resources.

Last year our review showed

  • pupil attainment had at least been maintained from the previous year, if not better
  • 82% of pupils had made good or better progress
  • 16% of pupils had made steady progress 
Please note: assessment data is from 2019 and is not current.