PE and Sport Premium

The school’s PE/Sports premium funding for this academic year (2021/22) is £18,486.

How we plan to spend this allocation:

The PE and Sports premium allocation is used each year to provide:

  • enhanced multi-sports and fitness coaching
  • swimming for two KS2 year groups (when available during restrictions)
  • access to tournaments and competitions (in line with local restrictions)
  • resources to enhance the quality of the curriculum and support the learning of new skills

A breakdown can be accessed by CLICKING HERE

How we review the impact of this funding:

Each year we look at

  • pupil participation in sporting activities
  • swimming proficiency in KS2
  • pupil progress
  • success at inter-school competitions
  • effectiveness of services and resources.

Last year (2020/21) our review showed

  • pupil participation had been seriously affected by lockdown
  • 96% of pupils participated in some form of activity on return to school
  • swimming proficiency had been seriously affected by the closure of pools
  • we were not able to participate in tournaments etc. as in previous years