There are many different aspects of funding received by the school in order to provide the services we have on offer and it is important that budgets are planned, effective and value for money.

The School Budget Share is the main source of income for Riverside.

We receive funding to provide additional tuition for some pupils. You will be notified if your child is involved. The funding is mainly used to provide additional group lessons before or after school. 

The school also receives Pupil Premium funding and PE/Sports funding and details of how this is spent is on the attached pages…

There are some services, such as Play Centre and Breakfast Club, where we receive parent fees – we aim to keep these costs as low as possible.

There are times, as in all walks of life, when major improvements need planned savings to fund large scale projects. These projects may take several years to complete but hope they are worth waiting for!

Our main aim is to ensure there are sufficient funds to finance any improvements, however large or small, that support our pupils to achieve their full academic potential and personal development whilst enjoying meaningful, new experiences that enhance their lives.