Catch Up Funding

Due to the unprecedented situation we all have faced, children have understandably been affected by the closure of schools, amenities and the lack of opportunity to explore the community.

The government pledged “catch up funding” for each school. This is to enable those pupils who did not perform at expected levels when schools re-opened. You can find all the details here:

Riverside School’s catch up funding for 2021/22 = £9800

The school plans to use this funding to:

  • provide additional interventions for pupils who are “working towards” expected levels
  • provide resources that support understanding in key areas, such as reading and counting.

The effect of the funding received in 2020/21 has been:

  • a maintained attainment level for at least 85% of pupils when school re-opened, based on previous assessment data
  • support available for pupils to develop key skills.