Be Safe

Riverside pupils talking about…

Online Safety

            1. Sometimes people can make you upset on the internet 

            2.    Do not send other people images they do not want to see   

  3. The internet is a great way to chat to friends  

          4. File sharing sites is not a great way of downloading films, since the files could contain viruses or nasty images.
             5.If you are not sure of a site, link or game then ask an adult close to you.     
         6.  You can invite your friends to have access to your site 
7. You can have access to your friend’s sites  

 8. On the internet you can chat to friends and play games 

9. Networking sites are another great way to communicate with your friend

10. On the internet you can also have an online diary where you can write your thoughts and invite people to add their comments.

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