As we can all see the weather has decided to give us a challenge! We have been notified that the weather alert is in place until Friday.

School will be open but if you are able to stay warm and feel you are safer staying at home please do so. Your absence will be authorised.

Timetables for any day may need to change.

If you are coming into school, please make sure you WRAP UP WARM. Use your usual gate to enter.

Parents: Please leave your child at the gate and we will ensure they come into school safely – the playground will have gritted paths but will be unsafe for a large, unsupervised crowd. We will open the gate at 9am – please do not come too early to avoid waiting in the cold. 

Breakfast Club and Play Centre will be open as usual – but if possible, please pick your child up as soon as you can this week so the staff can get home safely. 

Thank you for your co-operation and support. Any further messages will be posted here. 

Look who did come to school…