Dear Parents 

Welcome to Riverside! I am sure your child will be happy at Riverside – we have 320 others who seem to be!!

Thank you for your patience while we unravel all the advice and find a way to meet you all.

In order to accommodate everyone and to ensure we all remain safe, you have a choice:

  • You can book and attend a Zoom meeting on Thursday 24th June at 11am when I can give you some information about the school, what will happen in September and you can ask me anything you need to know OR
  • You can come to an open air meeting with me (in the playground, weather permitting) on Thursday 24th June at 3.45pm and we will be able to show you the classrooms where the Reception classes live, I can give you all the relevant information and you can ask me anything you need to know. 

Please note: at these meetings I will not be able to tell you the class or starting date – this will happen in September. More will be revealed at the meetings.

If you would like to attend either of these meetings please email to book.

I hope to see you soon.