Hello Riversiders!


Sunday morning. Again. But a week later.

Hello to all you Riversiders! I hope you are all keeping warm and well… now last week when I played I-Spy (and won as there was only me here) I saw something beginning with S that came and went very quickly. Now this week I spy something that begins with R which was much less exciting but a little warmer:

It was yesterday so it was very quiet but still very wet and not nice to be out in. Some of the puddles you could swim in (if you only go in the baby pool like I do).

Last week was very busy with everyone getting used to their new laptop and the new way of working, including the teachers who were scratching their heads when something didn’t go quite right – but that’s the way we all learn. This week should be better now we have all had some practice so good luck and keeeep working! I hope you also make sure you give yourself a screen break, which is very important (but that doesn’t mean 10 minutes work and 50 minutes break – you know who you are!).

Some exciting news this week is that Abi had some of her writing published in a magazine with some of her class from last year’s work there too. Well done!! Fame at last!

I cannot believe it is the last day of January already – not sure my new year resolutions are still in play but what’s new there? But February brings half term, which is not as exciting as when we are at school but nevertheless a holiday from working. Let’s hope by the time the next holiday comes around we will have been in school and welcome it more.

I have left the stories from last week here in case you missed them (they are at the bottom) but this week I have chosen stories that will make us laugh as we all need something to cheer us up. I am imagining you lying on the sofa with your eyes closed, listening (it counts as quiet reading you know!)

This one is called You Do!

This one is called The Stowaways

and this one is called The Magic Slide (don’t try this yourself!)


This one is called I Know a Rhino…

And this is David Walliams’ new book called Code Name Bananas but you only get Chapter 1 – you need to read the rest yourself (and check out the fantastic illustrations!).

Until next time…