Our School

joseHello! My name is Jose Lewis and I am the Headteacher of Riverside Primary School.

Riverside is quite a large school and is always very busy. We have over 300 pupils here who all achieve very high standards – we are currently one of the top 20 schools nationally and we are very proud of all our pupils.

Children at Riverside have the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular activities – we have lots of different after school clubs, such as construction club where we visited the building site near to school and went right to the top floor of the housing block. We needed our hard hats that day!

We also have many visiting specialists who come to school to teach us music, dance and drama. We have worked closely with the Royal Opera House and the Globe Theatre and many of our pupils have performed there.

People who visit our school say the children are well behaved and polite which we always like to hear. Come and see for yourself…

helenHello! My name is Helen Baldry and I am the Deputy Headteacher of Riverside School.

We work very hard and have very high expectations of all our pupils – we help them achieve their very best and take pride in all they do.

We use local resources a lot – we know all about our environment and what we can do to help. And as our name tells you we are very close to the River Thames.

You will like working in our ICT room – there are lots of computers and programs for you to use. Your work may be on this website soon!

jillHello! My name is Jill Lewis and I am the Assistant Headteacher of Riverside School.

One of my most important jobs is to make sure we have successful sports teams! So we regularly work with coaches to improve our sports’ skills, including those from Millwall Football Club.

But that’s not all… while you are here you will get to do lots of fun things but you will be learning at the same time. Reading and Writing is very important so I make sure there are lots of interesting resources and opportunities for you to develop your literacy skills.

We like making new friends and hope you will be one of them very soon.

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