weekly update 24.11.23

It has been a busy week for Year 6! A trip to the fire station for a safety awareness workshop and climate workshops were eagerly attended. There were also PSHE workshops and assemblies for some year groups to enrich our work for Anti-Bullying Week. 

Parent’s meetings continue next week. Please email: bookings@riverside.southwark.sch.uk to book a time slot on 29th November. Parents’ meetings will take place between 3.30pm-5.30pm. 

 As we have seen, our building company have sectioned off a significant area in the main playground leading to changes in lining up and dismissal arrangements. An area has also been sectioned off in the car park and around the ‘school house’ as well as an area of the smaller playground (including our bike and scooter area). We may see a change to our ‘garden gate’ in Bevington Street soon as a different ‘lock’ device will be installed.  

Have a good weekend

Jill and Sophie