Well, it is my last two weeks and so I am getting a bit jittery! 

Thank you for all your kind words and best wishes – it means a lot. 

We have a few things planned – and some I haven’t managed to find out about yet (better detective skills required). The weather is also not helping, as always. So just to say there may be some sudden timetable changes to throw us all off guard but hopefully everyone will have a great time this week and next.

Then of course I have to get my rubbish out of the way – after 47 years, there is a lot!! So far I have found at least 5 coats – so I had better not say to the kids that they should know where their coats are when they lose them! Unfortunately no cash or valuable heirloom that I can take to Antiques Roadshow, but there’s still a little time. 

To start, I have a Treasure Hunt game that will start tomorrow – all the children need to do is write their name on a square and see if they win!! They will all get a free go and then if there are any squares left they will be sold for the high price of 20p! It will be picked out some time next week.

There is more to follow…..


Just in case you missed it…


I have made a huge decision to retire as Headteacher of Riverside. It was not easy!

My last official day will be on the 28th April.

I am trying to explain this to the younger pupils but this is proving tricky – some think I am going to go elsewhere (and I do not mean the nearest beach!) so if you could help them understand I am not deserting them, I would be most grateful! My “holiday” will just be a little longer than the six-week summer break. 

Please click on the link below to read my letter.