HOT, HOT, HOT Monday 18th July

The weather warning is now RED which is particularly worrying for those with medical conditions.

Therefore what we will do on Monday:

  • we will start lunches at 11.00am and anyone who wishes to collect their children early can do so from 12 o’clock
  • children do not have to wear school uniform on Monday or Tuesday
  • we will remain open for those who need us to, but please ensure your child has a water bottle, a hat, apply sun cream, make sure your child’s shoulders are covered and most important, they bring any medication (e.g. asthma pump)
  • we will limit going outside as much as we can and will be for very short periods
  • we will authorise any absence if you feel it is too hot for your child to attend school and this will not be reflected on any reports. Please email and tell us you are keeping out of the heat
  • we will review on Monday what we will do on Tuesday and let you know as soon as possible – once we have checked the forecast.