Hello Riversiders! (18th April)


I hope you have had a great holiday and that you are ready for school tomorrow – the sun is shining so it must mean the holiday is over! Make sure your uniform is ready and you have the alarm set.

Let’s hope the Summer Term is a good one and that we can all enjoy ourselves safely. I did go out and see actual PEOPLE the other day – amazing! All I need now is my hair cut and go to a shop and buy something new to wear to tick everything off my list. Fingers crossed!! It was a short list – don’t want to overdo it.

So, see you in the morning. I’ve left the stories here for a while – I will move them soon (just being lazy on my last Sunday!). Let me know if there’s one you want me to read and hey presto, it will be there. Not quite my magic assembly tricks but what can you do??





This one is called You Do!

This one is called The Stowaways

and this one is called The Magic Slide (don’t try this yourself!)

This one is called I Know a Rhino…

And this is David Walliams’ new book called Code Name Bananas but you only get Chapter 1 – you need to read the rest yourself (and check out the fantastic illustrations!).

Until next time…