Hello Riversiders!


I am so excited – tomorrow I will see you all and we will be together again. How wonderful!

I hope you are all ready for action. Remember to come in through the correct gate and be on time – we have to still be very careful but it is a huge step towards getting back to what we know and love. You need to wear uniform – no pyjamas at school!!

Well done to all of you who have worked really hard and kept up with the remote learning your teachers have been doing with you for so long – remember you do not have to bring in your laptop tomorrow. Your teacher will tell you when to bring it to school and there is still Mathletics and Readiwriter to be done so it won’t gather dust in the corner.

So, I am looking forward to seeing if your hair is as long as mine (I bet my fringe is longer than your hair now!), all the news about what you have been up to and seeing you all in the playground again. The teachers are ready so welcome back and here goes …..




This one is called You Do!

This one is called The Stowaways

and this one is called The Magic Slide (don’t try this yourself!)

This one is called I Know a Rhino…

And this is David Walliams’ new book called Code Name Bananas but you only get Chapter 1 – you need to read the rest yourself (and check out the fantastic illustrations!).

Until next time…