The Laptop News Friday 29th January

Hello Everyone!

We hope you have been working hard on your new laptop and getting used to the new way of working – the teachers have had to quickly learn how to use it too so obviously there have been some things that were tricky but we are all learning together.

With this in mind, Sara has produced some additional guidance about using Teams and you can access this here:

Friday 29th January Assistance with Teams

Please make sure you read it before next Monday’s work comes your way. If you already know it, well done; it can just be there as a reminder. 

I am sure next week will be more straightforward and we will know a little more about how to use Teams as well as all the other things you are studying (I know parents are learning a lot too as some have emailed and told me something they did not know before so studying is not just for children!)

Please note that the laptops remain school property and are considered to be a long term loan to pupils while at Riverside. We expect everyone to take care of their laptop. 

If there are technical issues, please get in touch on a Monday morning when the technician is here.

If you require more data to access the internet at home please let Sara know – we now know that the cards we sent out were difficult to use so we do have an alternative now. 

We wish to thank the people who have made donations to school; your generosity has helped us to make it possible for all pupils to have a laptop. This includes the Beormund Centre, United Charities and the Gibbons family – thank you from all the children at Riverside.

Enjoy the weekend as best and as safely as you can.