Feedback and Marking Online Work

Well done to everyone for all the great work you have been doing! We are sending this message so you all know what to do.

So, this is to advise everyone (pupils, parents, teachers) the system in place for submitting work and the feedback associated with this.

We need to make it clear the expectations and timescales; this is how we have organised this so read carefully:


by 3.15pm EACH DAY Your work needs to be TURNED IN for that day so that the teacher can mark the work, send the feedback and prepare the work for the next day.
by 3.15pm FRIDAY

This is classed as “late work” if you are turning in your Monday to Thursday work on a Friday. The teacher will then check the work some time during the following week and send the feedback and corrections.


Important things to remember:

  • If your work is turned in later than 5 days after it has been set, the teachers will only be able to check it and send feedback when they have time and may need to wait and work through it with you when you return to school. It also means the work you are then set is not linked to your next steps so it is important that you avoid this happening.
  • You need to look at the teacher’s feedback (click COMPLETED) and make the corrections they have pointed out. You then need to TURN IN AGAIN once the corrections have been made for your teacher to mark again. Your work is not always completed just by turning it in once!