Tuesday 5th January

Another day…another announcement…another post…

Following the announcement last night we must stress that no one should travel and attend school unless absolutely necessary. Even if a place has been allocated parents should make every effort to keep their children at home and access the remote learning resources. 

If you have not been allocated a school place (i.e. you will not have received a confirmation email from Jose) then please do not come to school. We are now at full capacity and cannot accept any other requests for places.

If you have been allocated a place, you have received an email with the necessary details. Please only bring your child to school on the days and times specified.

Please do not come to the school gate if you have not received an email stating your allocation as you will not be able to enter the school site.

If you have not been allocated a place, remote learning is now in operation and all emails regarding work etc. should be sent to your class email address.

Lunches will be available as from today at the times specified on the previous posts. 

As soon as any other information is available to us, it will be posted on the website, including when the school will be able to re-open.