Thursday 7th January

Just a quick note after a very busy few days….

I just want to say thank you for all your comments and kind words. The teachers are appreciative of your feedback about the high quality of the work they are setting and I am glad to hear that the feedback they are giving your children is a major improvement in the provision from the last time we were doing this.

Obviously it is not the same as being in school but I have seen lots of the work you are sending in and well done for your efforts and imaginative ideas. Someone has actually made a Lego model of the school with me in my office (you know who you are – well done to you!). Fortunately it looks like I’m working, which is good news to me (I did say imaginative!)

But I also want to highlight that we are still very conscious of our duties to safeguard and protect children and our decisions on how we work are based on those commitments as well as providing educational resources . 

Please remember there are lunches provided every day by the kitchen and they do contain dishes that you can heat up (the weather is too cold for sandwiches every day!). We are waiting for some kitchen equipment to arrive for Cook to do her lovely cakes and biscuits for desserts – fingers crossed that it arrives soon as I miss those goodies so much. 

So.. keeeeep working and let’s hope for a better week next week when we hopefully can hear that the spread rate is lowering. Thank you to all the parents who are NHS workers – where would we be without you?